Quiz Questions Not Resetting in Storyline 360

Good afternoon!

I have a very basic quiz with 10 questions set so that if the user fails the quiz, they need to retake it.  I have the question properties set for each so that when the quiz is reset, the questions reset to their initial state.  However, when I re-attempt the quiz by clicking the "Retry Quiz" button, the player won't allow me to answer the questions.  I'm using Storyline 360, and all the questions I've seen about this are for other versions.  Help, please!


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Melanie Brooks

Verify that there is no way for them to navigate away from the failure layer without activating a trigger that resets results (i.e. they should not have access to the menu from that slide or the next button unless there is a trigger attached to the next button).

Second, make sure all quiz slides are set to "automatically decide". 

Post a pic of your failure layer if you can. I can't download from this site due to our security settings.