Quiz: Sequence Drop Down / Machting Drop Down: Order of Options


In a sequence drop-down question slide I placed seven statements on the left side - each corresponding with an option in the drop-down-menu on the right.

The problem: the order of the options in the drop-down is shuffled with each instance. The customer would like to have the options in the same order every time.

There is a "shuffle answers" function in this question, but for some reason in my case this function is greyed out:

shullfle answers

I tried using a "Matching Dropdown"-Question instead, but this did not change anything.

Is there a way I can turn off the shuffling of the drop-down menu options?

Kind Regards,



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Frank,

Thanks Hazel for your helpful input!

In Storyline, the Matching Drag-and-Drop answer choices are shuffled automatically. There are many quiz formats that might be a better fit to what your customer is looking for.

Here are just a few types of quiz formats:

Drag and Drop
Pick One
Pick Many
Text Entry
Shortcut Key

And don't forget to add a results slide!