Random draw from multiple question banks and only retake missed questions

Jan 21, 2022

Have a scenario and would like to know if this is possible:

Have a learning built in SL360
Have 4 question banks - 1 general (5 questions) and 3 role specific (10 questions in each)

Based on learner's role, they choose 1 of 3 different learning paths
At the end of their learning path, I would like to have 3 questions randomly drawn from the general question bank and 7 questions from their role specific question bank
When the learner gets to the failure layer of the Results Slide (less than 80%), they click a Retake Quiz button and are only directed to retake the questions that they have missed, whether they were from the general question bank or the role specific question bank.

Is this possible and how can it be done (if possible).

Thank you!

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