Randomized Board Game - No repeat numbers solution

Oct 19, 2018

Hi All - 

I watched Nicole's webinar the other day - Learn How to Build an Engaging Board Game Slide - that had a game that used the random number generator to replicate a die roll. One question that came up was how to make it so once a number was rolled, it would not result again. After some trial and error I was finally able to get this working with triggers and wanted to share. 

I also added the triggers to make it so the state of the question tile would change to indicate if the question was answered correctly or not. 

You can see it in action here: 


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Ryan Crockett

Leslie - Thanks for answering Euan's question.

Euan - The Roll the Dice layer basically serves to retrigger the Dice Roll Value layers as it jumps between the two when a random number results that has already been used. Adding a layer like this is a useful trick for creating infinite loops for animations or when using random numbers.

James Thompson

I have looked for this solution for days, on Friday April 9, 2021 I came across this game. I solved my problem totally which was repeat out of a group of 12 questions. I have a little more flare in a board with 12 numbers and they change colors which are on an extra layers, it also has sound with it.