Red X on screen when I try to edit text


Not sure why but when I go to edit anything on the screen on a slide, a large white box outlined in red with a red x through it appears. If I right click it will allow me to exit edit text. Can't seem to enter the text box and edit text. This just started happening so I am sure I must have modified a setting that I am not aware of.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Everett and welcome to Heroes!

You could be seeing this due to the file size, or the file could be corrupted.

Please make sure you are following the guidelines for working with Storyline content as described here.

You could also try importing your files into a new Storyline project to see if this helps.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Everett Harris

Thanks for your reply. I did import the project into another new project and some issues have immediately disappeared. These bugs remind me of the early days of Captivate. My question is, what is too big of a file size? I hope to have close to 70 slides. I am reusing some backgrounds, unlike Captivate with a library, I do not know if each image counts full-size or if the content is being reused.

Everett Harris

Brian Allen

Some of it could just be the content, not file size. I saw this issue earlier this week with a small .story file, when I tried to copy and paste a table from Outlook to Storyline. There was something about the copy and paste from Outlook that SL didn't like and everytime I'd click in the text box to edit I'd get the large red X.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Howard!

So sorry for the trouble! This is not expected behavior. However, it can occur if you're not working on your local hard drive (typically your C: drive). Working on a network drive or an external USB drive can cause erratic behavior due to latency. 

Have you tried importing that course into a new project? If that doesn't do the trick, I'd recommend connecting with our Support Engineers by submitting a support case.

Lastly, when these time-sensitive issues come up, for quick help, don't hesitate to submit a support case as our Support Engineers are available 24/7.