Remove Mobile Side Bar (Navigation)

Aug 17, 2018

Is it possible to remove the side bar (Navigation) from the mobile responsive version of the module?

We've created our own (next and previous) buttons so we don't require the built-in ones. I've unchecked the tick boxes to remove these however, on preview the side bar is still visible. 

I've attached screenshot.



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Tom Jerry

Hi Sebastian,

Welcome to Articulate community!

Are there any other items enabled that is part of the sidebar for example resource or notes tab? If yes, It is highly likely that these items would leave the space on the side. Likewise, even If you selected that on one slide, it will still leave space for it throughout the entire player setup. 

Let me know If your still require further help on this. 


Leslie McKerchie

Thank you for the additional info and the image, Morten. I was able to replicate what you are seeing in a new file in both SL3 and the latest version of SL360. I've submitted this to my team as a potential bug and attached this conversation so we can track affected users and share updates with you here.

I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Mathieu!

We still have this bug logged with our team. I want to let you know that we are currently prioritizing other bug fixes for our upcoming releases, so we don't plan to release a fix immediately. As a workaround, we recommend using the Modern Player.

I'll keep you updated in this discussion.

Niels Rop

I have encountered the same issue, which was pretty breaking for us, as the module was meant to be displayed fullscreen on a smartphone. Please try to fix this as soon as possible!

In the meanwhile, a colleague came up with a javascript solution that will stretch the slide contents over the full slide wrapper at loading. See: 

if (document.seen !== 1) {
document.seen = 1;
let wrapper = document.querySelector('#wrapper');
let slide = document.querySelector('#slide');
let target = document.querySelector('#preso'); = '50% 0'; = 'scale('+(wrapper.offsetHeight/slide.offsetHeight)+')';

Execute this code either on the first slide (when reloading is not an option) or on every slide (master) (so that it also works when a course is reloading). It is made to stretch from the middle-top location, but this can be changed to another point of origin for use in landscape mode.