Removing the "Try Again" option on a Quiz Question

Sep 01, 2022

I am new to Articulate and am feeling my way around.

I have used an Illuminate Multiple Choice quiz template. Some of the quiz questions are T/F, so I just made the two options multiple choice.

I do not need the "Try Again" feedback option for the T/F questions since there are only two answer options. I deleted the Try Again layer for the T/F questions. However, when I review it in Review 360 and select the wrong answer to a T/F question, I have to submit my answer twice before I get the "Incorrect" feedback message.

I am certain the problem is that I did not follow the proper procedures for eliminating the "Try Again" option on those questions, but I have researched and can't find any help.

What is the proper way to eliminate the "Try Again" message for a slide?


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