Repeat already viewed slides completely

I create a course with several chapters and questions in each chapter.
If the questions in the chapters are answered incorrectly, the user has to repeat the chapter completely. For this purpose I have included a "Repeat Button". This jumps to the beginning of the corresponding chapter. Unfortunately, the slides are not played completely on the second try, i.e. the audio is not played. In addition, it is also no longer possible to answer the questions of the chapter again.
Is it possible to start the whole thing again from scratch?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Steffi,

To make the slides replay from the start of the timeline, you have to change the Slide Properties to Reset to initial state

Note: This doesn't revert objects to an earlier state. For example, if the slide has a button that changed to the Visited state because the user clicked it, the button will remain in the Visited state. Reset to initial state just replays the timeline animations and media, and re-executes any timeline-based triggers. 

To reset the quiz so the user can take it again, you have to reset the results. Here's the trigger that's associated with the built-in Retake Quiz button:

If you add that trigger to your "Repeat" button, that should work. (Be sure to move the trigger so it appears before the trigger that jumps to another slide.)