Replace player glossary with an engage glossary?

Aug 15, 2022

Hi everyone!

I am just curious if there is a way to have it so when you click glossary in the player window it opens a glossary that was built in engage?  

I like the engage glossary far more than the default storyline glossary, but don't want to have to place a button on each slide that says Glossary or Key Terms.

Is this possible? Or does anyone have another solution I may not have considered?  

Thanks so much!

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Judy Nollet

Hmm. I'm surprised by Joe's answer. According to the Storyline 360 User Guide, you can import an Engage interaction, and it will be inserted as a web object: 

You can make a given slide available from all the other slides by lightboxing it from a custom Player tab. This post has details about that: 

FYI: I've never done that with an Engage interaction, so I can't say for sure that will work. But it's worth a try. Be sure to test it thoroughly.  :-)

Jose Tansengco

Hello All,

Apologies for the confusion. There is no way to 'overwrite' the built-in Glossary of Storyline 360, but Judy is correct in saying that you can just import the Engage 360 interaction in Storyline 360, and then link to this slide by adding a 'Custom' Glossary to Storyline 360's player: 

As for Rise 360, you can check out a solution by my colleague here which uses a button block to link users to a Glossary section in a Rise 360 course.