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Karl Muller

This is something that is really lacking in Rise, as there is no way to separately attach resources like a Glossary. A Glossary needs to be available to a learner at any time, and they should be able to access it from anywhere.

We use Accordion blocks in a Lesson for our Glossary. A Glossary is something that may or may not be used, so using a Lesson to create one is problematic because it potentially affects your course completion if the completion setting is based on the percentage of the course viewed.

If the Glossary is in a Lesson, it also means learners need to leave the Lesson they are currently in in order to view the Glossary, and then navigate back to where they were before.

Kimberlee Boyd

Thank you so much, Elizabeth!!!!!  I just had an opportunity to listen to the recording.  Even though what I was interested in was discussed first in the recording, I truly appreciate that there were markers on where the content begins. 😊

I like the 'Terms Glossary' button that you used to link learners to another lesson with all the terms in there.  Am I correct that they would just need to navigate back to the lesson they were in (using the left navigation pane) to continue?

Karl Muller

There are several issues related to this approach for our organization.

Using a button to get to the Glossary means that learners are navigated to a completely different lesson. Learners must remember which lesson they were busy with, and then manually find their way back to where they were before jumping to the Glossary. This may sound like a trivial thing to do, but we have some very large courses with more than 100 Lessons.

As the Glossary is a Lesson, it becomes a problem for us as our course completions are based on the percentage of the course viewed. The Glossary Lesson becomes a part of that percentage and learners that do not need to view the Glossary, may have problems achieving course completion status.

At best this is a workaround. For a Glossary to be effective, it needs to be a Globally available resource that can be opened, viewed and closed without the learner being required to physically navigate away from their current Lesson.

Marc Poirier

I'm currently working on a old moodle course to bring it back to 2020 ;) I'm using Rise 360, I can get a lot done, but on their end what I liked was that the "glossary" was on the words itself. So as you do your course, a word is highlighted in a different colour, when you hover over it, a question mark appears and if you click a small popup window attached to the word pops out with the glossary for that word.. pretty neat feature that would be great to have in Rise!



Gerry McAteer

Here is another example of a Glossary which you can create within Rise. In this example I have used the Quote Carousel block where each quote represents a letter. The cool thing is that once completed you can save the block as a template block and reuse it in other Rise projects. I have also added another simple version of a glossary using just the labelled graphic block.

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