Resetting "total" points & a slide

Jan 05, 2022

Hello everyone! I'm hoping someone can help me out with a dilemma in Storyline 360.  I'm working on a virtual training with multiple activities.  Most of the activities have click and drag features or completion features that don't affect each other.  My main issue is that I have 2 results activities.  I was able to get the first one to work and reset itself if the person doesn't pass.  My second activity which is a jeopardy game, doesn't want to reset itself if the person has to replay it.  

The points are added to the "Total" and it's displayed at the bottom of the slide (pic attached).  Also, once a box is clicked, it will change its state to "disabled".  Once the person finishes all the clues, then it goes to the results page.  As I mentioned, the results page will not reset the original slide when the person clicks "retry".  I tried changing the slide settings to reset when you return, but then the boxes do not change their states to disabled and you don't know which questions you've answered (each question is its own slide and not a layer).  

I tried having the user go to a new slide and circle back to the jeopardy slide, but that doesn't reset it either.  My last attempt was to copy the whole activity and if you failed, you would go to the new activity, but it would look the same.  The problem was that the "Total" at the bottom kept the points from the previous group.  

Hopefully, that all makes sense to you and someone has a solution.  I'm sorry, but I can't upload the game because of proprietary info, but if you want to talk offline, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks for your time! 

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Paola.

Thank you for reaching out!

You mentioned that it worked when you copied the activity, but the total was still showing the points from the previous attempt. If this is a solution that you're happy with, then you can add a trigger to set the Total variable to 0 when the timeline starts on that duplicate slide. 

The other solution is to create a True/False variable that turns True on the Results slide. Then on your Jeopardy slide, you can add triggers to change everything to Normal when the timeline starts if the variable is True

I understand you can't upload the .story file publicly, but if you're able to send it privately through a case, I'm happy to take a deeper look and offer suggestions.

Walt Hamilton

If you want to keep answered questions in disabled state, then you need to set the questions slide to keep saved state on revisit. No slide activity can reset variables, only triggers can do that. So what you need is a variable at the end of the first activity slide. Set both it and the total variable to the score of the first activity. Then Jeopardy can add to total. If they click retry, then set the total variable to the value of the first activity before you return. Keeping that reset the variable trigger attached to the retry button means you don't have to track whether it is the first or second time visiting Jeopardy.

Mail me if you still have questions.