Resizing graded question choices

Hi community, I've always been able to resize the multiple response answer choices (or any quiz template answer section) when using a graded quiz slide template. But recently, I'm unable to do so. If I try to resize, it minimizes the answers and won't let me expand them again (example 2 image), no matter if I try to resize with the mouse or the "size and position" under for Format menu. Clicking the back button to get back to the original size is also fruitless. 

Use case: In my next question, the answers are long enough that they cover the character. I try to resize to move the text off the character, and they minimize and I'm unable to get them back to the size I need. Is this a known bug in this version? Other than removing the character, can anyone help with a  visually appealing workaround? 

I have v3.50.24832.0

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Isaac!

I'm happy to help! We don't currently have this logged as a software bug, so I'd like to learn more about what you see on your end.

Do you see this behavior when specifically resizing graded multiple response questions, or is this happening with other questions too?

I'm using Storyline 360 (Build 3.51.24979.0), and I do not see the same behavior with graded multiple choice or multiple response questions. I'd love to gather more information so we can report this as a bug if needed.