Results.ScorePercent variable not working

I've got a situation where the Results variables are not working. For instance, if I put %Results.ScorePercent% in a text box, it will not replace that string with a number at runtime.

I've seen this type of problem crop up before when copying results slides from one presentation to another. Right now, if I add a new results slide from the default menus then the variable on my custom results slide will start working. If I delete the new slide, then it stops again.

Anyone know how to get it fixed up without adding a new slide?


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Dane Boyington

Figured out an easy solution.

The issue is that every results page in a Storyline file has a unique results variable. We had already copied it once, so our custom results pages already had "Results_2.ScorePercent" as the variable in the text box. After additional copies, I could not figure out what the current variable name was.

In this case, the easiest solution was to:

- In the Story view, duplicate the existing results page, which reset it to the original Results.ScorePercent.

- Delete the original results page.

- In the text box, delete the "_2" in the variable name