Results Slide Percent no Decimal Points

Jan 03, 2014


 I have a results slide which pulls in data from several other results slide.

 The problem is that the results percentage is showing the percentage with decimal points. From a cosmetic point of view I would like the percentage rate to be rounded up or down to the nearest full number.

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you in advance


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Rebecca Carter

Hi guys,

I have tried both of the JavaScript work arounds suggested here and I can't get either to work so I assume I am doing something wrong, would anyone be willing to take  a look at it for me?


PS I have added a big ugly button on the opening page to allow you to jump straight to the assessment.

Thank you :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen,

Is your passing score set to 95%? I know some folks have used the method here to set the score to round up. 

As for the idea of a feature, we're always open to new ideas and ways of doing things, so I'm going to pass this idea along as I don't see many feature requests for it outside of these ELH discussions. You can always share yours with us right here. 😁 

In the meantime, could you also set your passing score to 94% to account for the scenario that a user does score a decimal percentage? I'm not sure how many questions and points you have, but I imagine that's a rare scenario?

Tony Chilvers

Once you have used JS within the package to Round off the percentage score on screen,I added:

intScore = Math.round(intScore); 

to the function SCORM_SetScore in SCORMFunctions.js just after the start of the function and it was correctly reporting 33/67 in a 3 question quiz.

SCORM 2004 would be the same I guess.


Rebecca Carter

Hi all,

I have tried to make this work on so many occasions and have followed the instructions so carefully but I just never works and I still end up with the decimal point. Would anyone be able to have a quick look at my project file to see what I may be doing wrong? I would be SO grateful!! ( I am using Storyline 3)

Pauly Barnes

Hey Rebecca, you're going to kick yourself or throw something at me, but your setup is perfect except for one thing. You need to set MyScore to Results.ScorePercent before executing the Javascript. Right now the javascript is looking to change MyScore, then it's injecting Results.ScorePercent into MyScore, thus doing nothing.

You're trigger jumped the gun!

Yep, you read that right. You need to switch the order of the triggers. Just tested it and it works like a charm! (Prepares to duck from a flying stapler)

Kudos on the module btw.


EDIT: Oops, looks like you got it. Excellent

Rebecca Carter

Hi Pauly!

I think every time I have a Storyline problem (I've been a Developer for 4 years now) it always boils down to tiny mistakes like this! Haha SO glad I am now to the bottom of this one, it has been bothering me for over a year now! Can't believe it was just because of the order of my triggers, lesson thoroughly learned! :)

PS thank you, this little module is now one step closer to being sent off - yay!

Teresa Vanderpost

Crystal, are you able to see where this is sitting in the feature request line up at Articulate?  I think I can manage to do what Tony showed, well gonna give it a try.  But it looks like Ed Gen submitted a feature request 3 years curious to see if it has moved up the list it sure would make lives easier. :) 

Mike Delaney

Hiya Teresa,

Regardless of the visual design, every results slide has at least one thing
in common , that being the variables that Storyline uses to store and
recall a learner's score. They are:

The variable used to keep record of the learner's score when completing a
quiz or test in storyline is the Score Percent variable. The score needed
in order to pass is the Pass Percent variable.

Storyline allows us to create variables and store their values so that they
can be recalled at a later point. The variables can have numeric, text, or
true/false value. And in some cases, certain variables are reported to the

[image: Var