Results Slide Points - Reviewing Incorrect Answers Subtracts Even More Incorrect Points

Apr 20, 2021

Hello to everyone!

I've created a Cyber Security assessment type course with 11 question banks offering random questions from each bank for a total of 33. I want the Results slide to display total correct versus total incorrect. I was able to do this with a Number variable (Incorrect) that has a default value of 33. I then created a trigger to subtract Results.ScorePoints from Incorrect. It works great! The problem is, if the user reviews their incorrect answers it's like the course is submitting the incorrect answers a second time and adding them to the Incorrect total. It gets even worse if you review incorrect answers a second time. I've included a Word.doc with screen shots. Thank you!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Michele,

The subtraction trigger is set to execute when the timelines starts, and that means the program will perform the subtraction every time user returns to the Results slide. Note: That'll happen even if you set the slide to "Resume saved state," because the program would still execute timeline triggers (a known bug).

You can prevent the extra subtractions by controlling the subtraction trigger with a condition. 

  • Create a T/F variable with the initial value of False. For this case, I'd call it "Quiz_Reviewing" or something like that. 
  • Add a condition to the subtraction trigger so that it only executes when "Quiz_Reviewing" is False.
  • Add a trigger to the Review Quiz button that adjusts "Quiz_Reviewing" to True. 
  • Add a trigger to the Retry Quiz button that adjusts "Quiz_Reviewing" to False. 
  • Add a trigger to the Retry Quiz button that adjusts "Incorrect" back to its default value (33).