Results Slide | Success, Failure Layers | Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing Option

Good morning,

I am creating  a stand alone quiz within Storyline 360.  On the Results slide, after clicking the Review Exam button, we would like the following options within the trigger:

Success layer to "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" 

Failure layer to "Review only incorrect questions"  

Currently, whatever I select on the Success layer also displays on the Failure layer and vice versa.  Is there any way that these two layers can have two different functions within their separate triggers?


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Ren Gomez

Hi Joan,

Thanks for reaching out! I confirmed that in a Results slide, the Review Button trigger will retain the same functionality options; therefore if you try to change one, the other will follow suit.

The functionality will stay the same from layer to layer and on the base layer as well. 

Hopefully the community can chime in on how they've accomplished using the different options for reviewing a quiz!