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Laura Corral


I have the Retry Button on the Results Slide. I added triggers that restart course and to jump to slide 1.1. The player setting in all the slides are set to reset to initial state. 

My project is about changing slate of figures from hidden to normal when the user clicks a button. And mark them right with a number of clicks on that button. When the user is trying for second time the figures appears randomly instead of the order I gave. I need some expertise to look into my file. Works fine if you are trying for the first time, my problem is when the user is revisiting once is published. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Laura,

I'm sorry to hear your course isn't working as expected during a quiz retry! It sounds like you have the right settings in place, but our support team would be happy to take a closer look and offer suggestions.

I've opened a case on your behalf with a support engineer to lend you a hand in testing your file. Feel free to upload it using your personal link here.

They'll reach out with next steps after they're done!