Review Quiz always shows Incorrect when all questions are correctly answered.

Dec 07, 2018

Posting for a student who sent me their project file and asked I help troubleshoot.

Simple 5-question quiz with Results slides with a "Review Quiz" button. Nothing but standard quiz templates all weighted at 20 points. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Yet, answering all 5 questions correctly and choosing to Review the quiz, all question slides show the red "Incorrect" at the bottom of the slide. 

Since we (community) do not have access to the functionality under the hood that controls the review, has anyone else experienced this behavior?

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Kevin Thorn

Thanks Wendy and Phil. I'm so embarrassed that it didn't even occur to me to look there. That worked! 

Odd thing is this is the second request with the same issue in recent weeks. And these are fairly new users of Storyline and assuming they are not manually changing the revisit properties. This causes me to wonder if quiz templates are set to 'reset to initial' state automatically somehow.

One occurrence is random. Two within a couple weeks is suspicious. I'm curious now and going go research some possibilities. 

Kate Coskrey

I was having this issue and came upon this thread which resolved my issue, but doesn't resolve the issue of how I allow a learner to retake the quiz if it is not set to "Reset to initial state when revisiting". Is this option one or the other? i.e., If allowing a learner the ability to retake the quiz then there can't be an option to review the quiz?