Review quiz without using the player!

Mar 30, 2021


I am facing the following problem: I am using a Quiz Result slide template but when I press the button "Review the quiz" I cannot review all the questions since i am not using the player with its forward button. Instead of the player I have customized buttons on each slide. They don't work in the review mode. Is there any chance I can still hop from one question to the next to review them without having to activate the player?

Thanks in advance!

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Nigel Barnes

Following this as I have the same issue. If I have the Review button on result slide, the user goes to the first review question, it has the banner on the bottom, but then there's no way to move to the next review slide or back to the result slide. I'm not using the player with built in next/back buttons. 

Michelle Mata

Is there a solution to this issue? I created a submit button for the learners to answer the quiz question and removed the PREV/NEXT buttons. When reviewing the quiz, we're not able to advance without clicking submit again (which is odd since we're in review). Is there a Review Quiz slide master that can be edited. I rather not have the Prev/Next native icons or text on the slide. When they are on the screen, a learner can advance the question without answering it. 

Luis Martinez

Same issue. For clarity, Leslie, the issue seems to be that the player "submit" button (which manifests as the little checkmark at the bottom of the screen in preview mode) does more than than a custom submit button does. In the following screenshot, you can see two triggers: one for my custom button (an "object") and another for the player trigger. Both triggers are identical, except the object trigger re-submits the answer (as if the quiz were being taken) and the player trigger, when the player is on, advances to the next review slide. 

Luis Martinez

So, I may have answered my own question. I'll leave my solution here, in case anyone else wonders. 

Problem: The built in player button, when used to advance through quiz results, has a built-in feature that advances to the next slide in the review. So, when a user goes to review their answers, they are advanced through the slides.

If you try to use your own button, so that you can create a quiz that works without the player, your submit button will, rather than moving to the next slide, only show you the correct/incorrect message layer. Your user will, in this case, only see the first response, then the correct/incorrect message– and not be able to go any further. 


  1. Create your submit button, and give it the same trigger properties as the player control trigger. 
  2. Create a Visited state for your button that says "Next", instead of "Submit". 
  3. Create a second trigger that makes your story "Jump to [the next quiz slide to be reviewed] when the user clicks [your button] if the state of [your button] = Visited"

Since the user will already have taken the quiz, all submit buttons will be visited by the time they go to review their answers. The button that once said "Submit" will now say "Next". At that point, the same buttons they used to submit will now advance them through the slides.