Rewind/reset button on layers with triggers not playing audio

Dec 24, 2020

I have slides with multiple layers where each layer has audio. 

The issue is that on all the layers except the base layer, clicking the "reset/rewind" button in the Player will visually rewind the seekbar, but the audio doesn't play. The seekbar moves as though it is playing, but there is no audio.


  • All layers are set to allow seeking (Allow seeking: Yes) and when revisiting, Reset to initial state.
  • There are buttons on the base layer to activate the other layers, and if you leave a layer and then return to it, the audio plays. 
  • There is a variable (set by the user on a previous slide) that indicates whether the user is using a screen reader or not. On all layers (including the base layer), there are triggers that will pause the audio if this variable is "true" and play the audio if the variable is "false". All this is working fine.
    • If I disable the triggers, the audio doesn't play automatically on  the layers, and the only way to get it to play is with my "homemade" play/pause buttons.
  • There are also custom "play" and "pause" buttons on all layers (each 'set' is particular for that layer's audio). These work consistently to play and pause the audio. I tried disabling the triggers on a layer for these buttons, and that didn't affect the problem with the rewind button. I also made a copy of the slide and deleted these buttons completely, and it didn't change the issue one way or the other, so I think they aren't involved.

Example: (Assuming that the variable is at the default of NOT using a screen reader, so the audio will play automatically on each slide.)

I'm on the base layer, I listen to the audio on that layer and want to hear it again so I click the rewind button. The seekbar rewinds and I hear the audio again as I watch the seekbar move. (Works as expected.)

I click a button on the base layer to show Layer 1. I listen to the audio on layer 1 and watch the seekbar move. (So far, working as expected.) I want to hear it again, so I click rewind, and the seekbar goes back to the beginning of the slide and I see it move, but there is no audio.

The play and pause buttons in the Player work to visually pause the seekbar, but I cannot get the audio to play again.


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Ren Gomez

Hi Karin,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience! I see that you've started a case with our team, and my colleague, Chester, came across a bug in your file where:

Audio does not replay when using the Rewind button if triggered to "Play media based on the Timeline" in HTML5.

I'm sorry if this is slowing your projects down, but we'll be sure to jump back in here when there are any updates to share on a fix!

Becca Levan

Thanks for following up, Faffie!

The bug where audio does not replay when using the Rewind button if triggered to "Play media based on the Timeline" in HTML5 is still under investigation with our team. 

If possible, could I have you share your file with a support engineer? I'd like our team to help determine if you're also experiencing this or if it's something else. We'll be in touch shortly after reviewing your file!