Score by answer not an option for multiple response?

Aug 01, 2012

I'm confused, why would it make sense to have a multiple choice question have the option of scoring by answer and not a multiple response question?  I love using the multiple response questions but if the learner doesn't select all the correct options then the entire question is wrong.  I wish I could score this question type by answer and give the learner credit for getting 3 out of 4 correct answers.  I'm hoping I'm missing something and that there is a way to do this...

Thanks for your help and suggestions.


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Kirsten Smith

This is a feature request I would love to see as well, unfortunately, I can't submit it. :( I've attached a screenshot to show that there is no Submit button or anywhere to describe my feature request.

My two cents through...I would love the ability on every type of question to score by answer, and not just a select few types. If a learner has to drag and drop six things in the right place, and they get four of them correct, they should receive points for the four correct items...same with any type of multiple response question.


Mihai Horga

Hi there,

I just purchased Storyline 2 and to my dissapointment, I see that score by answer is still not available for multiple response slides, although it is extremely important for correct scoring, and it seemed to be a popular request. 

Are there any plans to include it, and if yes when could it be available?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mihai,

A multiple response question is still set up so that the user must select all the possible answers to be scored correct, and I don't know if this specifically has been a popular request - although I know a lot of users asked for "partial scoring" or "negative scoring" for questions in general. The option to assign score by choice, it's only available for some question types, including Multiple Choice, Word Bank, Freeform Pick One, and Freeform Hotspot. 

You're welcome and encouraged to send additional feature requests here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle,

This discussion is a bit older, but we don't yet have partial scoring in Storyline. I know it's been talked about here for a bit in ELH but it's always a good idea to also send in your thoughts on this as a feature request, and here's some insight into how we manage those and determine which features may make the next version.

IS Department (M Hayes)

I see that after 7 years this very obvious and much needed functionality still has not been added. I have just put in a feature request, but appearances would indicate that it won't do any good.

This is such an obvious and important feature, I'm surprised that it even had to be requested. Really not clear as to how something like this is still sub-par after this long...good to know it's not just me though.

Michael Strang

Hi all,

I am just starting to get to know Articulate but I have already encountered this limitation on my 4th day using the software.

To be honest I am very surprised this feature (points by choice in multiple response questions) is not a given option in Articulate. Many MC exams at universities work with this approach and I wanted to use it in my company to test training knowledge of employees.

Is there any development plan on this?

Best regards,

Arun Prakash

The trick is pretty simple. 

In the base layer - Create a blank slide and include your question text (in a text box). Next, add the answer options. For each answer option, provide a check box or a radio button. Declare a variable with a name and its default value set as 0. Enable triggers for each check box. For each correct answer that the user selects, add a trigger that increments the appropriate marks to the variable. For incorrect answers, increment the variable by 0.

Next, add a button (on the base layer) to reveal three layers - correct, partially correct, and incorrect. In the 'correct' layer, add suitable text for all correct answers. Include the following (without the double quotes) - "Your score is %variable name declared by you%". This configuration enables SL to reveal you total score. 

Add suitable text and reveal the score for partially correct and incorrect layers. Finally, add triggers for the button on the base layer to show the suitable layers with conditioning. (If variable = 0, if variable = 1 etc.). 

If you would like to use the default 'Submit' button, you need to enable the same and configure suitable triggers. In this case, the 'Submit' button requires a validation of the variable and we need to 'show' the corresponding layer.

Hope this helps!