Screen record once and use the same recording in three ways

Aug 29, 2022

Question about a StoryLine 360 support article please.

"You can insert the same screencast into your course multiple times. For example, let's say you recorded a software simulation. You can insert it as a video on a single slide to show learners how to perform a process, then you can insert it again as Try Mode step-by-step slides to give learners an opportunity to practice."


That's what I want to do, screen record just once and use the recording three times in these three different ways in the same final product.  I understand capturing the recording and inserting it in one of the three ways in SL360.  What I need some support understanding is once I've inserted the recording in one of the three ways, how do I do it again without recording again?  Example; screen record a process and include that on a SL360 slide as a video, then how can I take that same recording and include it over multiple slides as a step-by-step, and then again as a quiz?  Are the screen recordings captured and saved somewhere?  Thanks!

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Ron Price

Once you have inserted your screen recording in one format, you can select the lower portion of the Screen Recording button to see a drop down of the recordings available in that project. From there you can select one of your videos again to insert in a different format.

This article may help as well -