Screen wiggles on iPad

We have uploaded a SCORM package onto our presentation platform and on iPads, the screen wiggles (can be picked up and moved around). This is an issue especially when we have a drag-n-drop activity.

How do you make the screen stay in place? Not move around? We've looked at the SCORM code, and it has the overflow parts that are usually used for that. What else is there to check on?

Thank you for your suggestions.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Jennifer. Thanks for that helpful screencast!

What you're experiencing is an open issue in Storyline. Here's what we uncovered so far:

  • This behavior seems erratic. We found that drag-and-drop interactions typically work, but sometimes the slide will move instead of the object during drags.
  • One possible workaround is to set the playback to Landscape Only. Before publishing for LMS or Web, you can select this setting in the Responsive Playback window.


I'll add this discussion to our report so we can update you on any new developments!

Jennifer Hamdun

Thank you so much Katie for the suggestion. I think it does make a difference, at least on my iPad - but it has a bigger screen, so I'll have my clients test it on theirs and see what they say. Still I think it is an improvement. Definitely learning every day with Articulate! Thank you again.

Jennifer Hamdun

Here are our results:

With my iPad: iOS 13.4.1, 6th generation, I can still pick up the screen and move it, but just up and down, no more wiggling around.

With the client's iPad: iOS 12.4.1 Pro 11 inch, It still drags around / wiggles if I try, but if I am deliberate in my motions I am able to do the drag and drop exercise.