Scroll bar starting at the bottom, how to make it start at the top?

As part of my work-around for the 'text recall' font size getting smooshed too small to read, I've made my recall box quite long, and dropped it into a scrolling panel. 

Strange thing happening (and not consistently) The scroll starts at the bottom! Of course i've read some discussions on people asking how to do this. I have no idea how i did it. But I would really like for it to start at the top!

I've attached a sample of what i'm talking about for you examine. 

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Carl Fraser

Hi, appreciate this thread is old, but I had the same issue and seem to have resolved it, so thought I would add my tip/solution if anyone else comes across this problem.

I found that my scrolling panels were starting mid-way down the panel; to fix the 'bug' I selected the items which were aligned to where the scroll bar was defaulting and sent them to the back of the panel.  Hey presto, problem solved and scroll bars now starting at the top as they should.

Hope this helps!



Vincent Scoma

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for letting us know! 

We currently have an active report open for this issue for Storyline 360 Update 39 (Build 3.39.21985.0). I will be sure to include your comment on our report so we can provide updates on this issue. 

In the meantime, a workaround that can be applied is to revert to Update 38 of Storyline. In case this helps, here is how you can install a previous version of Storyline 360: 

Jennifer Lavelle

1. I just reverted to the version you told me to and now my file will not open. I am on a deadline and need this resolved asap. Can you please tell me how to open my file?
2. Also, you told me how to work around the scroll bar bug but didn’t address the video issue. Can you please tell me how to get all the videos to play in preview? 2 of the 6 do not play or appear in preview like the others do but then you see them play in the html file.

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Daniel Cañaveral

I was experiencing something similar to this.  In my case, the slide started by displaying content a few scrolls down the scroll bar.  When the user would scroll back up and select an interactive marker, it would skip back down a few times.  The culprit?  I had a couple of unused (not tied to any triggers) data entry fields on the slide.  Deleted those, replacing them with standard rectangle shapes (they were only there to display info anyway), and... problem fixed!