Scrolling Icon in the upper right corner

Mar 18, 2023

A few months ago, I posted "What was strange Icon in the upper right corner". 

I found out it was for the advanced scrolling of text. Now the new question is, can / how do I get rid of it. Every time I send a project for review I get a question on each slide the Icon is on. Project manager wants it gone. He thinks it will confuse the learner. 

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Rock Hymas

Hey Eric, the icon you're seeing is actually a scrollbar. It's showing up because the textbox isn't large enough to accommodate the full line height of the text. You have a few simple options:

  • Make the textbox taller
  • Make the text margins smaller (Format Shape dialog, Text Box tab)
  • Change the overflow handling to "Allow text to overflow" (Format Shape dialog, Text Box tab)