Self-hosted xAPI LRS?

Jul 01, 2021


I know this falls a bit outside Storyline but as it's related, does anyone have any experience / tips hosting your own xAPI LRS? Unfortunately, due to compliance, we can't use services like SCORM Cloud and have to host it ourselves.

What we would need is a server (preferably AWS) accepting xAPI calls, have user management and per-client reporting (Chinese wall between projects). If the content is hosted elsewhere, we wouldn't need fully-fledged LMS, right? Just LRS?

We would be using Storyline to create content which talks to the LRS.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Jason Haag

Hi PJ,

Veracity also has a free version. Veracity Learning ( also recently added hosting options as well. So if you don't have an LMS and you also don't have a web server to host your content, this is a simple and affordable alternative. It also provides a way for you to add learners and a login capability that you would normally expect in an LMS.
I recently posted a tutorial on how to use this feature (if you're interested):


J Haag