Import LMS status to project state variable?

Nov 08, 2022

My LMS (LearnDash LMS) registers whether a course has been completed by the user. Is it possible for a Storyline project to fetch this state somehow (with Javascript perhaps?) from the LMS and put it in a project state variable that can then be used in the Storyline project?

P.S Here the LMS function to call on to check if a user has completed the project in the past:

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Ada Mianti

Thanks Joseph, I gave it a first try and added a trigger that executes the following Javascript code:


But it returns:

lmsAPI is not defined

It's probably because LearnDash isn't SCORM-compliant by default. Since, I would only need SCORM for this one function it's not worth it for me to purchase the additional software needed to make LearnDash SCORM-compliant.

For any future visitors of this post: it should work and provide the solution to my question, as long as you have a SCORM-compliant LMS.

If anyone has any additional ideas how to make this work without dependence on SCORM, I would love to find out. After all, the LMS has a function for it available, so it should be possible to call upon that function with JavaScript from inside the storyline project...?