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Judy Nollet

Hi, Bryan,

Unfortunately, the Set as Default option (on the right-click menu) doesn't remember the text-box format. It only sets the default font formatting. (At least, that's how it works in Storyline 3; you could test it in SL360.)  

However, if you adjust the text-box format in the Slide Master, those settings will be used when you apply the layout. Then, if you need additional text boxes, you could copy and paste the main placeholder. 

Alternately, if you think you'll be re-using certain objects with specific characteristics, you could create and define the basic objects on a slide in an extra scene. Copy and paste those objects when needed, and then delete that scene when you're done. 

Bryan Braley

Right-click and set as default doesn't work in 360 either.  I have created a slide for buttons to maintain consistency. I guess I could do it for text boxes as well. I have also utilized the slide master solution.

However, I read through other tickets and found that this feature was first mentioned/requested eight years ago.

I was hoping that Articulate was as committed to doing things in the most efficient manner as I am, but it appears I will continue to have to find workarounds and shortcuts.

Thanks for the quick response.

Martin dean

Does anybody know why this basic function does not work?  I am working on mainly black backgrounds and using different text boxes.  All I want to do is to set my default text colour to white!  Surely that is not too much to ask is it?  Every time I want to 'insert text', I have to stop and re-colour it just to read what I have typed.

Martin dean

OK so I have now found the answer (thanks to Jan at Articulate support), so I thought I would pass it on...

The SAVE AS DEFAULT TEXT BOX (unlike the PPT equivalent) retains the background & outline details of the text box.  To change the default text font attributes, the NORMAL TEXT function has to be used.  I was guilty of assuming the similarity to PPT and must confess, have never used the 'Normal Text' function in SL.

Always good to know!