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Lauri Hagan

I am having same issue as Erica.  Whenever I import from PPT the default is Slide Advances Automatically but I cannot change all slides at once to Slide Advances By user.  I have tried manually clicking on each slide to select them all and I also used Ctrl-A to select the entire scene but when I get into the menu it lists only the first slide (even though all slides are selected). The properties are changing only for that slide. This happens on every project.  Screen capture below.

Lauri Hagan

Thanks Ashley. Yes, I tried that yesterday and it works most of the time. For times (projects) it did not work, I did double check that there were not overrides set, etc. It seems to work best if it is done right after importing all the slides from PPT as opposed to when the project has been worked on already.

I will keep monitoring. Thank you for responding.

Phil Mayor

Open the question bank and double click on a question. In the slide sorter on the right press Ctrl+a and the copy the slides and paste into anew scene. Theme press Ctrl+a and change the properties. You now need to either remove all the slides from the bank and add back in or create a new bank.

Long winded way

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