Sharing Articulate Zipped File

Mar 15, 2023


How can I share my articulate zipped file as a link with someone outside my organization?

I do not have FTP link. Zipped file doesn't get through due to security reasons. 



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Tom Kuhlmann

If you want to share the zip file, you need to upload it somewhere. I use CloudApp to share files. Some people use Dropbox, Google Drive, or pCloud.

You could try this:

  • Publish your course to Web and generate the .zip file
  • In the player, create a resource tab and upload the .zip of the course
  • Publish the course to Review 360 and they can see the course and access the zip file
  • Here's a demo.

There's always the chance that the people viewing the course may still be blocked from accessing the .zip file, but that's nothing you can control at your end.