Sharing through OneDrive

Jun 08, 2020

I am trying to share my course through One Drive. We have many people working remotely and am trying to use this method to connect to them. 

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Denny Craig

IF there is anyone here, or if Tom is still around, I really need help with my Articulate. I have developed a PPT slide deck, which works great. I had another person add narration, and when they sent to me (housed in a Drive account). When I download this version the narration works, as does it work great through the link they provided in Review. However, the second I do ANYTHING to that version, fix a spelling error, or edit an engagement, I review and there is no narration. I publish and there is no narration. I don't understand why it works when I download to my computer, but stops working once I change something. PLEASE HELP, because last time I asked for help I had to communicate through several emails back and forth, which we were never able to fix the issue. Thank you. 

Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Denny!

I'm sorry for this trouble—we're here to help troubleshoot!

If possible, can you share the files with us for testing purposes? I assure you working directly with a support engineer is the quickest way to a solution!