Short Answer Questions - Emailed Results?

Mar 23, 2022

I recently created an employee survey with Storyline using the Short Answer Form questions to pose questions with the end user entering responses. At the end of the survey the end user can click 'Print Results' on the survey results slide.

Does anyone know if there is a way to collect that page from all team members that take the survey, such as emailing it to a designated person? When we upload it to our LMS (HealthStream) it maintains the functionality, but since it is not a graded quiz there is no data collection.

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Helen Ball

If anyone ends up researching this on end like I did, here is what I've decided to do to move on. Since Storyline and our LMS (HealthStream) only collect quiz results as 'pass/fail' or 'complete/incomplete' I decided to abstain from using any short or long answer forms in my Storyline presentations since the information cannot be collected, analyzed, etc. 

I have learned that since my company has Microsoft Office, that I could use the Microsoft Forms tool online (included) to collect survey information. This has allowed me to collect responses, learn who they came from, etc. and provide the aggregated answers on my own. I was also able to create an assignment in my LMS to share the survey with the appropriate audience. 

We may circle back to Storyline to present information to end users later on and create a fun quiz to pair answers, etc. 

PLEASE NOTE: this response is from March 2022; and this topic has 10+ years of posting within the support community.