Skipping questions in Quiz pulling from draw


Checking to see if anyone has built a quiz in Storyline 360 where users can take a quiz that:

  • pulls from a random draw
  • they go through and take questions w option to skip some (by adding a skip button)
  • after getting through questions landing on a Review/Submit slide where they have the option to review the slides they skipped only (I found info in threads here on how to have them review all the slides) or "Submit" answers
  • from the above page, re-take only the ones they skipped, land again on the Review/Submit page, where this time they select Submit to see their answers after taking all the skipped ones
  • get their score on a final Results page.

I guess I'm checking to see if the functionality is possible and if so, if anyone's done it and can share how - or, if it's possible and can outline a path. 

thank you!


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