SL Timing Issue with Timeline and Video


I have a project where I am pausing the timeline and video at the same time at certain points throughout the video so that the learner can complete some interactions. However, sometimes when I play the slide in SL the timing is perfect and pauses on time as the triggers specify and other times the video/timeline pause late which causes issues with the intended interaction as the video has advanced past the point where the learner is to interact. Also have found the same issue when published in Articulate Review and LMS. Is there something I can do to make the pauses more consistent? Attached is a screenshot of the triggers I am using to pause and resume the timeline and video. Any help is much appreciated.

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Walt Hamilton

You can get better control with only one timeline. Don't use the video controls, but start the video when the slide starts. That way the slide timeline is the video timeline. When you pause the slide timeline, the video pauses, and when you resume the slide timeline, the video resumes. Otherwise, you may be having keyframe problems with the video.

The only thing you need to worry about is if the learner clicks the video, it stops. To deal with that, cover the entire video with an invisible shape (filled, no outline, transparency set to > 95%). That will prevent the learner from stopping the video while the timeline continues. Put the invisible shape between the video and the interactions.

Susan Rice

Thank you so much Walt! What a relief!! That solution worked out well!! I think I had attempted to do that when I originally started the project except I didn't have the invisible shape (in this case I used a hotspot) at the time and added it after adding the additional trigger to pause the video. I didn't think to go back and try with just pausing the timeline.