SL3 - Accessibility Text function nixes images in feedback?

Hi there.  I think I'm correct in thinking the new Accessible Text setting, which increases the size of the text on the slides, nixes the ability to use images to emphasise the learning point in the quiz question.

I like the idea of having accessibility text in the courses but it looks like we would have to remove all images from our feedback to be able to use this function, which is a shame.  Having looked at the feedback sections within the slide I see we still add the image in via the Slide View and not the Form View.

I guess this is a case of using the product not as intended.

Does anyone else on here, using SL3, do this or have an alternative way of enhancing the feedback without overcomplicating things?

I don't want to increase the feedback master slide size any further, if it can be helped.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Steve!

I'm happy to help! Thank you for sharing screenshots of what you've created so far.

I've tested this on my end with an image in the middle of feedback layer text, and I'm not seeing the images shifting to cover the text. Are you finding this behavior with every feedback layer in your course or just the feedback layer on this specific slide?

Also, are you seeing this behavior in Preview and the published output? With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project. You can attach it to this public discussion or upload it privately in a support case. I'll make sure your course is deleted after troubleshooting.

Steve Blackwell

Thanks Lauren.  I have isolated that slide and uploaded it here, so you can see how the feedback layer works with images.

Maybe this is an issue as I imported it from Studio '13 when we moved onto SL3, but I think it is inherent in the design of Slide View vs Form View.  Happy to be proven wrong, of course :)

I suspect my only other way of working around it is to have the images at the top, with two columns of text, one under each image, but that is not ideal as it would require another feedback master slide, I think, as that layout doesn't fit with any of the other answers.

Or maybe there is another way of adding the images meaning they move with the text, when it resizes?

Again, thanks for looking into this.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Steve!

Thank you so much for sharing your .story file! It seems that I was looking at the wrong part of the feedback layer. I was under the impression that the images were shifting when the accessible text was toggled on. In fact, the images are staying in place while the text changes. This behavior is expected as accessible text only controls text properties such as size and spacing. Images will not change when this control is toggled on. My apologies for the confusion!