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Katie Riggio

Great news, folks! We fixed the issue you reported where inserting an image and adding a Zoom to it would cause a grey border to appear.

Here's how you can update Storyline 360 to see all the latest features and fixes. If this problem resurfaces, please record a Peek 360 screencast for me, and I'll be happy to help!

Ryal Bird

Hi folks, I found a workaround to this issue. Instead of using a .JPG, or flattened image:

  • In Photoshop, I first change the default 'Background' layer to a normal layer by double-clicking on that layer
  • Increase the canvas size (NOT image size) of the image by about 10px on each side (now you should see the transparent BG represented by a gray/white checkerboard {in Photoshop} around the edges)
  • Save it as a .PNG (with a transparent background)
  • Import into StoryLine and the gray outline no longer shows on a zoom image.

In summary, I basically have an image now that's on its original white background, but now with a 10px transparent border.

This is kind of time-consuming and I wish Articulate had fixed this by now, but until then.

Please see attached screenshots.

Shawna Naklicki

Hi Alyssa,

I had previously experienced the grey outline issue that others have mentioned, but this was remedied by the recent update.

I am, however, experiencing a different but related issue with an outline appearing on one side of an image only. 

I've attached two images - in build mode, you'll see there is no outline. I've tried multiple different versions of the image, and ensured that there is no line on that side.

Preview image shows how the image appears in preview. It also looks like this when published to Review 360 or HTML.

Has this behaviour been reported? 

Thanks in advance!


Stian Larsen

I'm guessing you will have to wait a few more years. At least if you're on the SL3 version. :)
They down-prioritize SL3 users, so if there is any fix, SL360 will get it 6-12 months before SL3 gets it. Based on my experience so far. I think your best bet is the mentioned work-around above, though I agree thats not optimal at all.

Joyce Maurin

That is really a shame. We use - and pay -  Articulate because it is supposed to be an authoring tool, helping use to do what we want to do the way it is supposed to work. Not to do some workaround again and again. If you don't really support a functionnality anymore, you can try, I dont know... to remove it from the tool? Or de-activate it until it really works again? Or give the infos Ryal gave upthere: it only works with .png files with transparent background?
It's really a shame how long everything takes so long to get fix here.

Katie Riggio

Hi Matt. Thanks for continuing to work with us!

My team and I are seeing different results in Storyline 3 Update 9. Would you be willing to share a sample we can compare our testing and better understand what's causing the discrepancy?

You can use this link to upload the course for our Engineers: Open a Case

Katie Riggio

We appreciate you sending a sample in, Matt!

My teammate, Chester, linked your file to this bug's report so we can update you on any changes.

➥ Note: Our process for developing Storyline 3 updates is different than it is for Storyline 360, so we aren't able to keep them in sync. We do occasionally release fixes between updates, but that can introduce risks so we undertake that only in limited circumstances.