SL360/SL3 and OneDrive

Do StoryLine and OneDrive play nice now? 

I know in the past, files would be missing after sync.

Today, about a year after I heard about that (and saw it firsthand), I did a quick test run - and it seems to be working just fine. Even the external_files folder is populated as expected.

Is it safe for me to tell my IT department now that I can use OneDrive?

For those not familiar with OneDrive:  the files are stored in both locations, and synced when connected. Therefore, when I launch a .story file from my OneDrive folder in Windows Explorer, I'm launching the local copy. Per my IT guys...

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Jim Powell

Everybody seems to be dodging the question.  This is really frustrating I've been using Dropbox for years with articulate now that I switched the OneDrive it's not working again I am not trying to edit anything in the cloud I am not trying to collaborate with anybody anywhere all I am trying to do is use my files for studio 360 in a local drive that also happens to be backed up to the cloud somehow everybody seems to be missing that in these messages except the original poster. I've been on with support chat for 20 minutes and they don't have much of a clue. This is so frustrating it don't even know what one drive is I'm trying to explain that I'm not using this stuff in the cloud.

Cheryl Hoffman

Due to the recommendation from Articulate to work and save locally, I finally convinced my IT department that OneDrive is not going to work for me. Out of over 4,000 people in my organization, I will be the ONLY one not using OneDrive. They've ordered me an external drive for backing up my files. I still use OneDrive to share things like Word docs with people, but none of my StoryLine files or assets will go on OneDrive until Microsoft officially supports Articulate files, and Articulate puts the word out that it's cool to use OneDrive.

Jim Powell

wow... so you never got it figured out.... dropbox works for me just fine but I hate dropbox and I got stuck with onedrive on this new computer.... jeez this isn't rocket science, I'm not trying to "collaboarate" in the cloud, I know articulate doesn't work that way.  The automatic response of the support team is to say "it doesn't do that.... make a 'package' zip…"  

I get that, what they don't get is only need to use a LOCAL drive called  C:\Users\Jim Powell\OneDrive - TDG LLC

I need to do that for organizational purposes (long story).  I've been doing it this way for 3 years with dropbox, I hate those people and don't want to h ave to go back to them now that I know ARticulate studio won't work with onedrive (even though it works fine with dropbox).

Crazy waste of time.  But Cheryl thank you.  And FWIW for everyone reading this -- I have a full subscription to teams in articulate and every product they offer, so I know about online tools such as Rise and others... that's not the point of this post.


Rusty Worden

Given my experience last night I believe I can take your question head on and answer no... it is not safe. So not safe there should be a freaking label on the outside of the box and emblazoned across every web page with the word "Storyline" on it.

Between SL deciding it couldn't save because it was missing something (I forget what it actually said) to audio being imported and then promptly disappearing (without so much as a thanksseeyalaterbye... the icon of the audio was still visible on the layer... the item still showed in the library, but trying to edit resulted in "File missing... then the audio editor popped open and refused to go away until I replaced the audio I just placed.

Eventually my groggy brain remembered some issue with SL and DropBox back in the day and I moved it off of the cloud service I was using.

FWIW I was using Amazon WorkDocs with my files set to be local... not disappearing into the cloud leaving an icon stain in my file explorer.

Grumbles. Between Adobe and Articulate not communicating known bugs, I have lost most of my hair, I am now blind in one eye because one of them is permanently squinting in frustration, I've ground most of my teeth down to nubs, all leaving me look like a meth-freak who's had a bad week.

Yeah... I look as bad as a meth freak who's had a BAD week - like worse than normal.

I am gonna go cry myself to sleep now, and unlike my wife who makes me do this on occasion, Articulate won't apologize and "make me feel better" out of guilt for their transgression.

Jim Powell

Thank you for your post -- as my Dad would say in the 60's "in solidarity" with the frustrations of so many articulate users.  It's absolutely mind-boggling the rather sanguine mindset that is pretty pervasive in Articulate -- "oh, you had a problem? I'm sorry you feel that way..." but it doesn't work that way.

I had so much of my work just freaking destroyed or crippled by this little niggling (to them) bugs that happen over the years.  The Articulate support people are quick to respond, and generally seem like they want to be helpful, I'll give them that.  But I don't know that they "get it" when it comes to the white-hot frustration that rages in the aftermath of their little bugs or inadequacies.

I would pay to have an empathetic one-on-one conversation with someone at ARticulate that had both responsibility and accountability for customer satisfaction with their products.

People keep asking me year after year "Jim why do you continue with them..."

And my rather sheepish answer is "I have too much invested, and I can't afford to jump ship..."

Articulate knows that only too well. and that's where they've got me.


Cliff Warrick

Here's where I'm having an issue with this.  OneDrive builds a local folder on my hard drive.  It's in C/Users/{MyName}.  Shows up as One drive file folder in explorer.  If I open from that folder what's the issue?  It's a local a folder on the C drive that sync's to the cloud.  As it stands now I have to copy the files to another folder on the c drive update/fix/whatever, then copy back to the OneDrive local folder.  It's not a backup, I have to work from multiple computers.  Lot's of opportunities for failure.