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Nov 15, 2012

Hello Heroes.

I am curious if anyone is experiencing a problem with slides changing order within Storyline. It has been plaguing me more and more recently. I will have a series of slides that follow a logical order, but the next time I open the project I find that the slide numbers have changed and the content is reordered. We can't manually change slide numbers and so therefore I have to fix it by changing the triggers from "next slide" to whatever Storyline has renumbered the slide to. Just wondering if I'm alone with this issue.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Matt, 

Sorry, that doesn't sound quite right and I haven't heard of it happening before. Just to be sure, are you working from your local drive, rather than a network or USB drive? Anything else unusual happening within your story file? If you'd like, we'd be happy to take a closer look at it. Please submit a case, including your .story file, using this link so our support team can assist you further.



Judith Blackbourn

My slides haven't moved lately, but i find it difficult to change the order of my slides when I want to. I can't seem to do that in the Normal view, but have to go the Story view.

It would be great to have a slide sorter, like PPT has, so you can review and change the order of the slides more easily!

susanne flynn

Hi Peter,

I have been looking at older posts and was reading about using the menu in player. I tried that and while not a great fix, it works. I agree with another poster, it would be good if Storyline has a slide sorter like PPT or if the slides were easier to drag and drop in story view.

So I think I am good for now. Thanks!!!

Sally Ellis

Hi folks - read the replies to this one with interest. I am having the same issue. I also read the fix in the player options - did that but still irks that it doesn't appear in logical sequence in story view. Tried to drag and drop to relocate the slides in story view but no luck, as the slide simply 'bounces' back to original position. Obviously this creates an issue with numbering and progression. Help!

Dava Millar

I am having the issue that when I change the order of the slides, they retain the same slide number. So if I have decided to move a slide to another position I can get it to stay by a trigger, but when I publish the scene in word it publishes to the original order of the slides, which now means that they are out of order content wise but they are nuberically sequential Since once a slide has a number no matter where you move it, the slide retains that number.  When you look at it, the slides appear out of order.

Absolutely frustrated.

Walt Hamilton

I used to have a lot of problems with this, until I learned three secrets:

#1. Story view has no connection to slide order not the menu. I merely attempts to show the flow of the slides. It does this by trying to put a slide under the slide that is previous to it. But previous is not defined by number, or the order I create them, or how I want them to be. It is defined only by the trigger that jumps to this slide. The triggers control everything, slide order, menu (unless you modify it), and program flow.

#2.I work on a slide, and when I want to work on another one, I click on its icon in story view. I found that if there is the slightest twitch of the mouse when I click, the slide is moved to another location. This is more pronounced the smaller the thumbnails are.   I learned that if I used "jump to slide name" triggers, instead of "jump to Next Slide" triggers, that problem went away entirely. I saved so much time, not having slides moving around and having to hunt for them.

#3. There is a secret to renumbering slides. The attached video shows it, but it only works if you use "jump to slide name" triggers. The little blue arrow is the secret. In the video notice that the slides do not change position or name, only numbers. It would have worked exactly the same if I had moved the original #3 (up or down), instead of #2. REMEMBER: This only works if you use "jump to name". Otherwise, the slides will be re-ordered.

I have saved so much time by not having to look for moving slides. It is certainly worth the minuscule amount of time I spend in the trigger wizard choosing Slide 1.2 rather than next slide.