Slide Properties Disappear in Story View with multiple slides selected

Aug 09, 2022

I have a scene with multiple question slides and I am trying to change slide navigation options all at once by selecting all the slides in the scene (in Story View). If I select one slide the slide properties are there.  If I select more than one slide in the scene, the slide properties disappear.  What is causing this?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Paige 

Edit - just opened your file...I noticed that the first quiz question doesn't have a submit button selected it's had a trigger to use the next button - but that doesn't explain why the properties disappears...

If you are on the latest version I would submit a case with Articulate support and get them to have a look at it. Sorry I couldn't be more help


I'm not seeing that behaviour. Have you tried closing your file and reopening? The slide properties window isn't detaching itself and floating somewhere else? If so, try View > Redock all windows


paige hincks

So I closed it and reopened and didn't fix it.  If I select one slide, I see the slide properties window but if I select more than one, all the options in the slide properties window disappears, but the slide properties window is still there.  Just every option to select is gone.  I want to change every slide to only have next/previous and not the submit button.