Slow down computer voice audio narration in Storyline 360?


I am using Storyline 360 and, per the clients' request, using the computer generated voice of Amy for audio narration. We would like to slow down the speed at which the narration plays back. Is this do-able in Storyline 360 or do I have to export to an audio editing program and edit there? 

Thank you 



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michele. Your best bet would be to use an audio editing tool.  The audio editor in Storyline can do quite a few things, but that level of editing isn't supported.

We're tracking requests for more editing capabilities with text-to-speech, so I'll add this discussion.  That way we can keep you updated!

KC Chou

I am the late comer on this discussion.  What is the latest status?  It has been 3 years since the most recent post on slowing down our text to speech colleagues.  I am hoping for improvement.  We have audience whose native language is not English.  The speed poses additional challenges in their learning process.  The demo speech is quite normal.  However, the speech over the text was very fast.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, KC.

Thank you for reaching out!

We have a couple of similar requests, so I want to make sure I add your name to the correct one. The original post in this discussion asks for the author's ability to slow down the text-to-speech audio. We also have a feature request logged to allow learners to slow down or speed up the audio. 

I'm happy to add your voice to either (or both) those requests!

KC Chou

Hi Maria,
I am glad to hear that multiple individuals are interested in the audio narration slow-down. I am interested in both author and learners slow-down capability. However, my first priority would be the author controlled speed on text-to-speech feature.

I hope there is enough interest out there that would place this request to a higher priority. We have a lot of learners whose first language is not English. Having the ability to control the pace of text-to-speech would enhance their learning.

Thank you.
KC Chou