Sluggish/slow performance of Storyline (lags and freezes)

Hi there,

first of all, I would like to clarify that I have read the two existing discussions regarding the sluggish nature of the Storyline, but I have not been able to find a solution for myself.

To make things simpler:

- Storyline has been since I have installed it working with cca 3 second lags (between click and response)

- Even though I am working on quite demanding projects (many images, even on single slide + whole lot of        variables), these images are never big. In fact, almost all of them are under 100 KB and most of them even under  50 KB / the overall size of my project is +- 12 MB

- In the last few days (after a brief pause), one part of my newest project appears to have evolved from 3 sec lags to 15 second freeze (i.e. I click on an object and it takes 15 seconds for it to become active; during this time, the cursor is movable but nothing can be clicked) - other parts of the project may have similar issues but I am not sure as when I have checked it now, it did not appear so

However, the overall performance of Storyline got worse.

My Laptop specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64


Intel i3-2330M (2.2GHz)

ATI Radeon 6490M 1GB GDDR5 (renamed to 74xx) - but I noticed that whether I use this, or built-in graphic card, the Storyline does not have improved/deteriorated performance

I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a hand with this one.

Unfortunately, I am not able to provide you with a sample of my projects.

If nothing works, I will try to re-install my Windows, in a hope it will somehow solve the problem.

Thank you


Michal Stevove

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Mark Stentz

I too was having the issue where Storyline 2 started running slow and freezing up.  I tried everything suggested here - nothing worked. 

I accidentally discovered what was the cause and made the problem go away.  I had one slide that was a screen shot of a software screen.  The screen shot required me to change my name on multiple lines and substitute the correct name for the course. This involved placing a box over the text to cover it and then added the name on top. What it looked like to me is that there were too many objects added to the slide.  I knew that it was that screen because I did not experience the issue until I tried to work on that specific screen.

I pulled up an earlier version of the course and copied the same slide before I had added all the extra objects. I then pasted the old version, deleted the trouble version and had no more problems. The solution was to Photoshop the screen shop to minimize the number of required objects.

Now, my course is working "really groovy baby."  Hope this helps someone.    

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Glad you were able to resolve that Michael - and you'll also want to make sure you disable the auto updates as described in those threads and linked articles so that Flash player doesn't continuously update and keep breaking Storyline.  Once we're made aware of the fix from Adobe's side we'll post an update in threads such as that so you may want to stay subscribed to those threads to receive updates. 

Randall Sauchuck

I have experienced performance issues similar tot he original poster. I currently have both SL1 and SL2 installed. SL2 runs extremely well. Unfortunately I have certain clients who wish to maintain their own courses after initial development and who do not wish to upgrade to SL2. So whenever I have to use SL1 I find experience incredibly slow performance during development

Here is an example of a typical problem scenario

  1. I click an element, wait 3 seconds until element registers as selected,
  2. I move the mouse, wait 3 seconds for element to begin moving,
  3. I curse as element ends up someplace totally random because the release event on my mouse never triggered when I "let go of" the item,
  4. I try opening the inconveniently hidden position dialog box to type in the location instead,
  5. I scream as SL crashes for the 4th time that day


I guess my only option is to reinstall SL1 (again!!) and then manually change the "Opens With ..." setting in Windows to reset the default to SL2.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Randall,

Sorry to hear that you're having difficulty here - it sounds like SL2 is behaving normally for you, and our team did look at overall improvements in terms of performance with the creation of SL2. As for SL1, if you're continuing to have a slow set up you'll want to make sure you're working locally on all your project files, and I'd also look at shutting down other programs or applications that could be interfering with the memory Storyline 1 is looking to use. 

Nabil Asif

Hi all,

Just posting this for you or anyone else searching for this issue. I had the same problem on a i7 laptop with 16GB of RAM and a high-performance ATI graphics card. Even the simplest slide was sluggish when interacting with objects on the slide. I accidently fixed the problem when I recently updated my graphics card drivers. 

I think there must have been driver optimisation issue with older drivers. Not a guaranteed fix, but updating to latest drivers has worked for me.

- Nabil 

Al Anderson

I am currently using storyline 1 and it is barely moving. 3-5 second lags on even the simplest of tasks.  It is really hindering my job performance.  The file isn't large at all.  I shut my computer down, restarted storyline, and imported into a new project and it is still slow.  I know it isn't my computer, I've had it checked.  What can I do?  I'm on a deadline.

Fritz Cloninger

I just experienced something similar on one particular slide. The mouse lag wasnt happening on other slides or in other scenes. Using a process of elimination, I found that one particular image was causing the problem. For no discernable reason, btw. But once I deleted that image, the mouse lag went away. 

(I haven't read the entire thread, so my apologies if I'm repeating something from above)

Luke Benfield

Hi everyone,

I have been having similar performance issues with lag between mouse clicks and keystrokes for the past few months. Chalked it up to dual monitors, lots of objects on the timeline, all our IT security software in the background etc. However, after scouring the forums and doing some testing, I found what seems to be the issue for me.

My specs include - Windows 10, 32G RAM, i7 2.5GHz quad, Articulate 360 working locally. Windows and 360 all have the latest updates.

For me it was images from Content Library. I imported one image to use as part of a background, and after hiding that image on the timeline, everything was back to normal. I checked all slides and layers, and performance dramatically improved when I hid all Content Library images. I still had some CL Icons and everything was fine, so it looks to just be the CL Photos.

I have not tested with High Res images imported from other sources besides CL.

It's nice to have a solution that seems to work for now. However, if I have to insert images, hide them until I'm ready to publish, and then go back and unhide them, that is definitely a burden on workflow.

Hope that might help other people out there that may be experiencing the same issues with SL360. 

Allison Bell

Hi everyone, just wanted to share that I was experiencing the same issues as described, and the fix that Luke provided worked for me also. When I hid images on the timeline imported from the content library, performance improved tremendously. Performance (so far) doesn't seem to be affected by photos imported from other sources.

As he noted, it still impacts workflow to have to remember and make items visible again, but for now I'm just relieved to have it working smoothly.


Leslie McKerchie

Hello mladen and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing. Sounds a bit different than what others have shared here, but we'd be happy to help you out.

If it's working in the preview, but not when published, it may be the environment where it is hosted.

Can you share some information about how you are publishing and sharing your content? Be sure that you are testing in the intended environment and not locally as that could certainly cause some issues.

Is there a particular browser that you are experiencing an issue with?

Rick Kaplan

I've noticed the slow performance of scrolling around, opening slides, zooming. Even on a brand new project with nothing in it. The interface viewing and manipulating is just choppy. I have a 5950x with 32GB and an RTX 3090, no slouch. I just did a fresh install of Windows 11 and Storyline still runs like hot garbage. I think it's just the way it's programmed. I really wish the team could make the interface run more efficiently. Out of all the creative programs I use, Storyline 360 is horribly slow and it interferes with the creative process.