Some Storyline accessibility questions

Mar 16, 2022

Hello, all! I have been reading up on accessibility and Storyline, but I have a few questions that I'm not finding answers to.

First, I understand Focus Order and using it to determine what and how the screen reader will read aloud. How does it work when there is a slide layer? I have a slide with a base layer and a button to show a layer with a video on it. When I view the Focus Order (both on base layer and on video layer), the video and close-layer button are visible, as is everything I want read on the base layer. However, I don't want the video or close-layer button to be read when user is on bas layer AND I don't want all the base layer stuff to be read again when the layer is shown.

Second, I used Camtasia and Audiate to create closed captions for the video. I then uploaded the MP4 into Storyline. I thought that all I would need to do would be to toggle on the captions (control alt C) to see the captions, but that wasn't the case. Is there another step? I am not using the player for this project.

Third, I did not use Text Styles to indicate headings or normal text. I have a bold version of my font for the heading and a regular version for the body. Basically, I use them if I want to change up the look between bold and regular and adjust the size to what I need. I have done nothing with Text Styles. If I designate something on a slide as Heading 1, will that do anything to my project other than indicate to a screen reader that that is a heading?

Thanks in advance for any help and insight people are able to provide.

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Phil Mayor

For layers and the focus order it depends on how the content is displayed on the layer.

If it is like. popup so you should not be able to click on the base layer then in layers propeiel set it so that it prevents the user clicking on other layers. You should be the content in order for the that layer in the focus order but you do not need to move it as it will get focus as soon as the layer opens.

If it is content that is added to the base layer then move the content after the button in the focus order.

For closed captions can you export an SRT file and then import into storyline with the video.

You should use text styles as the users using screen readers will benefit from the page organisation, at a minimum you should have H1 and normal (body) but consider using other styles as well (H2-5). The bold will not read as a heading so the user will not benefit.