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Jul 22, 2021

Hello. Is there someone who has some experience with changing the state of the NEXT button with a trigger?

I am starting the state of the Next button as disabled. Four shapes have a "visited state" when selected. The Next button is triggered to change to a Normal state when those 4 shapes have changed to their Selected state (they have turned gray).

The isssue is....All this works perfectly in Preview mode in Storyline, but when it gets published to the Articulate Review site, it does not work. The Next button never changes state.

Is there a more reliable way to do this function of requiring shapes to be selected to change the state of the Next button?

I have also tried using a number value variable to count how many shapes have been selected, and I get the same result. It works in Preview Mode, and not on the Review Site.

Is there a video with a more reliable method?



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Brian Netzel

Hi Phil,

I am using visited. I am including the trigger window so you can see it. I found that using the Visited state is more reliable than Selected.

The Next button goes from a "Disabled" state, to "Normal" upon the 4 shapes changing to a Visited state.

I have tried to use a "Hidden" state for the Next button in the past, and I have found it is unreliable as it can forget to become visible.

So I started using disabled > normal instead.

Does it work reliably for you to start the timeline with the Next button as disabled, and then trigger it to Normal with shapes becoming a visible state, even in review mode?

One other thought that I have is that I sometimes "group" the objects that get selected, like some graphics that were combined so the whole area is clickable. I have noticed that sometimes when objects are grouped, they do weird things. Maybe as a group it is changing state in preview mode, but not in review mode. This is something I can try. 

Any more ideas?

Thanks for your time and ideas!



Brian Netzel

I think I have resolved this and appreciate the help. This thread was helpful as well.

Storyline likes to keep things simple. There was no need to disable or hide the next button and then unhide it when a condition was met. The only thing needed was to use one put a condition on the Next button based on the state changes for the objects that needed to be visited.