States for a group?

Nov 08, 2012

Hi everyone.

I'm trying to make the initial state of a group "hidden". However, when I click on states with the group selected, it's greyed out. I only seem to be able to do this by applying the setting to all of the objects in the group. Is there a better way and I'm just not finding it? It sure would save some time...

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Eric Kinne

I don't know if this post is still alive or not, but I've been struggling with this too!  I tried Jill and Phil's approach, but it didn't seem to help.  I'm trying to change the state of a caption with text to a bubble with thoughts.  I have a "change the state of" trigger for when you hover over something - that changes the caption to the bubble - and I clicked "restore on mouse leave" so it goes back to the caption afterwards. It's an interaction where I want the learner to be able to see both what a character is saying and what he/she is thinking. 

But, when it's restored, the caption shows up but the text box doesn't.  It's just a blank caption.  Ideas?  

Jill McNair

Hi Eric,

Here is a sample file where a character has a caption and when you hover over her, it changes to a thought bubble.  I added the caption to the Normal state, and I added a custom state called "What I Think" with a different character pose and a thought bubble.  I have a change of state character when the mouse hovers trigger.

Is that what you were trying to do?

Hope it helps!


Al Anderson

Hi everyone! I have a circle with a picture laying on top.  So two images.  I want the user to click the circle to advance to either a slide or layer.  Simple enough.  However, do I have to have a trigger for the circle and a trigger for the picture on top?  If I just do the circle than nothing happens if they click the picture on top.  I found this thread because the obvious thing to do is group them but then you have the state issue that everyone is describing and I want to show a visited state.  Not sure if that explains it well enough.  I am essentially trying to mimic this:,%22mbox%22:%5B%22%22%5D,%22objectType%22:%22Person%22%7D&registration=4fb6bde6-d964-4f0d-b395-00e2ba247070&activity_id=articulate_course_id

Michael O'Brien

Hi all,

I know this thread is a bit old but I've hit a similar roadblock. I've modified the "normal" state of a rectangle to include a graphic, title and body and the modified the hover and drop correct state to just show the graphic, title and resized the rectangle so its smaller.

My problem is when I hoover over the object, the text is still shown even though its not in the design of the hover state and the text object doesn't appear in the timeline (just the Rectangle)

Is there anyway to include the text element but not have it show in the other states?

I've attached the DragGroupState which shows the rectangle I modified to include the extra details in its normal state and the other hoover and drag correct states which don't include the extra text. As you can see from the other images the text is still visible on hover state and when the object is dragged into the correct location to change the state to drag correct.

I've also tried moving the text outside the rectangle and placing it in front of the rectangle but can't get my head around a suitable trigger to hide the text while the object is dragged but show the text when the object is hovered 

Walt Hamilton

The built-in hover state's normal function is to overlay whatever other state is current, so it does not do well at subtracting objects. You might try creating your own hover state. You would have to give it a different name, and write the triggers to govern its behavior. You'd have to decide if it is worth the effort.