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Mar 07, 2022

How can I stop the timeline?

I can start, resume, stop and pause media and I start and resume the timeline. How do I stop the timeline the same way I stop media. Jumping to a cue point doesn't work as the timeline continues to play once it jumps to the cue point. Surely this is a basic requirement of the programme, but it seems to be missing in the triggers available.

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Martin Gregson

How do I get both the timeline and audio to stop when I trigger an event?

I can get the audio to stop but the timeline continues.

I can get the timeline to jump to a cue point but if the audio is triggered to stop the timeline continues with no audio.

Does anyone have a solution to such a simple problem?

I want to start, stop pause and resume both audio and timeline!


Walt Hamilton


Pause is stop. It won't move again until you tell it to.

See the attached sample. It shows three ways to stop the timeline and audio; using the seekbar, using a trigger, and using an action. I also put on the slides a method to restart, so you can see it in action as many times as you need. You can tell the timeline is running by the dot that moves, and you can tell the audio is running because you hear the voice.

Martin Gregson

Hi Walt

Like I have said in my original post I already know I can do this. But unlike the stop button on an audio clip, there is no such function for the timeline.

Just so we are not misleading each other pause and stop are not the same thing.

Pause holts the play head and holds it in place until the resume is pressed.

Stop terminals the playing of a clip and returns the play head to the beginning of the clip and will only start again if an action is performed.

SL does not have this crucial functionality.

If I want to reset or restart the slide then it appears this is not possible.

Martin Gregson

Just in case anyone elts is looking for a solution to this 

I have managed to find a way around this problem.

If both audio/media have custom controls it’s a little awkward to control the timeline and the media simultaneous

So several triggers have to be used and stacked in the correct order.

Stop requires,     stop media trigger

                              Pause timeline trigger

                              Jump to time 0 trigger

Pause requires,   Pause media trigger

                              Pause timeline trigger

Pay requires,        Resume media trigger

                              Resume timeline trigger

Hope this helps someone

Walt Hamilton

Stop terminals the playing of a clip and returns the play head to the beginning of the clip and will only start again if an action is performed.

SL has the ability both to halt the playhead on the slide timeline:   and start it again when a click is performed:    

The problem is that they are only available when the built-in seekbar is used. FWIW, I personally almost never use it, so the attached sample shows two ways to halt the timeline until an action (click) is taken, at which point the playhead is started again from the beginning. (I was too lazy to find and insert a sound clip, so I just left the seekbar on the slide, so you can tell what it is doing.)

Like many things in SL, there is not a one-click function to do exactly every thing we want, so it is necessary to be creative with the tools we do have.