Stopping video from playing when another video is selected

Jul 07, 2022

Greetings Heroes!

I have 4 small videos embedded into 4 separate layers in a 360 course. I want to keep the controls at the bottom, but I noticed if you click on the base layer and select another video (layer) the last one keeps playing.

I can't figure out how to keep the start, stop and pause controls intact (not covering them with hotspots) as well as ending the video when another layer is selected. 

Does anyone have any elegant solutions?

Thank you!



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Veronica Budnikas

Hey Victoria,

I can see what you mean, and it is very strange. This should work like you expect pretty much automatically. I checked the layer properties, etc and all seems fine. Interestingly, while you can still hear the audio from the other videos when you click on a different video, if you return to the layer, the layer sets to initial state. Very weird.

So, I made a duplicate of the slide in another scene, and just removed all the other triggers (variables and what not)  and left it just so the 4 buttons go to each layer on click, and, it works as expected. I'm not sure which or what to be honest, but something was making the audio still play when you left the layer??

I'm attaching the file again, have a look at the second scene. Obviously this is not ideal, but from that starting point you might be able to work out where it goes wrong as you add the triggers you need.

Sorry this took so long, the Friday and weekend caught up with me :) 


Dr Victoria Sublette

Thank you so much, Veronica. I am now thinking it has something to do with my computer updates. I noticed I am not on the latest version of Storyline 360, so perhaps this issue has been fixed and it isn't working because I am on an old  version.

My computer was reimaged and the updates have not installed yet.

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

the timeline of the slide layer seems is to short

the correct length of the layer has to be the start time of the video + video length



(for all 4 videos)


=> no multiple audios at the same time



Math Notermans

When you add a new video Storyline will automatisch set the lengte of the timeline to the max lengte of that video. However if you change the video ( particularly with a video that is shorter or longer) the timeline lengte will not be adapter. Thus your new video will not play properly. This is an annoying issue you really need to be aware of when working with video.

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

my first suspect was the new 'modern' videoplayer in 3.65

New: Enable all learners to interact with videos via accessible controls that match the modern player style, exceed color contrast guidelines, and communicate perfectly with screen readers. Learners can even change the playback speed, switch to full-screen mode, and use picture-in-picture mode to move videos to a floating window.

but that was not the problem, because already 3.60* (January 2022) had the problem already


* i recently asked support if i could still get older installers for testing - unfortunately they said NO (meanwhile i collect all old installers)