Storyline 360: Adding Multiple variables to create a final score.

Mar 04, 2021

I have created multiple scenarios in Storyline 360, where the user has to pick the correct items on each slide using the Pick Many quiz option.  I am not using the quiz scoring,  instead I am assigning each correct answer a point using variables.  I can get each slide to work to count the correct answers (even on retry) but I can't seem to get each overall score for each slide to add to the final overall score.  I have attached a sample of the story here.  Your help is appreciated.  In this sample version of the story there are 13 items that are correct spread out over the 3 slides (5 on slide 1, 5 on slide 2 and 3 on slide 3).  Please also help with the Results slide to ensure when the overall score is working that I have the correct formula to make the score show correctly would be appreciated. 


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Kel Fuller

hey there! I was making something similar yesterday and in searching for an answer, I ran across your query.  Did you get this answered?  If not, I found that I was able to resolve it by adjusting the trigger order.  Make sure your slide layers closing are last, and your variables are at the top.  Hope this helps!