Storyline 360 and xAPI - publishing issues

I am investigating moving to xAPI from SCORM for our content. We are on Saba LMS. I have a SL360 course I published in SCORM that learners are currently using. I took the same SL file and published it using the Tin Can API option. When I loaded it on Saba, the audio and animations aren't working. Saba tech support compared the SCORM and Tin Can files and tested on the same issue) and concluded the problem is in the SL file. Based on reviewing articles here, I don't see that I need to do anything additional to the SL file to publish in Tin Can. I must be missing something. Has anyone else had this problem? 

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Becca Levan

Hello Carla,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing these details. I can tell you've already done some troubleshooting on your end by testing this file!

As a next step, I'd recommend connecting with a support engineer, so someone from my team can step in to help determine why the audio and animations aren’t behaving as expected after publishing to Tin Can API!