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Lauren Connelly

Hi Allen!

That doesn't look right! I've tried to recreate this on my end and Storyline didn't freeze when I copied and pasted an image on the Slide Master. Here's my test.

Have you tried to import a new image to the slide? The image might be corrupted if it's not saved to your local drive. I'd recommend adding a fresh copy of the image to the slides. 

Please let me know if you still seeing Storyline freeze when using a fresh copy of the image!

allen nation

New images work fine and images copied inside Storyline. It happens when an image is copied from Powerpoint (we are using Office 2013)

[Image from Video attached to message]

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Allen,

Thank you for sharing those details! 

I followed the steps in your video and I am seeing some odd behavior as well. It seems to occur when I copy/paste an image from PowerPoint into the Slide Master. I am going to check with our team on this behavior, but I appreciate you reaching out and letting us know! 

I did find that if you paste the image onto a slide, you can then copy that same image onto the slide master. Here is a quick video of that process here

Ren Gomez

Hi Allen,

Good news! We fixed the issue where copying/pasting Images from PowerPoint to a slide master causes Storyline to freeze.

Here's how to install the latest Storyline 360 update to see all the recent enhancements and fixes.

If the problem reappears, please connect with our team, or share a screen recording here, and we'll be happy to help!

Kristy Myers

Was this issue fixed in the most recent update? I'm experiencing this issue still and I updated my program this week. I can sort of paste onto the base (If I'm lucky) then cut and paste onto the layer. The process is cumbersome and and still takes a ridiculous amount of time. Any suggestions? 
I did submit a case already - #02701132.