Storyline 360 on High Resolution Displays (including 4K)

Storyline 360 still appears NOT to support proper display scaling. It looks blurry on my new Surface Laptop (4:3) 2256 x 1504 when display scaling is on (either at 125 or 150%).  However other apps (Microsoft PowerPoint etc.) are fine.

Switching to native resolution makes it all much sharper but the UI is too tiny for comfortable working.

I'm about to buy a 4K monitor and am concerned that Storyline will be unusable on it (i.e. blurry). Any guidance on where Articulate are at with display scaling and high resolution displays generally? We are seeing more and more of these displays.

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Alex Hoffman

Can we at least get a reason this is not on the roadmap? For software at this price point, for a discipline that is so heavily visual, the inability to develop for high pixel densities, or to display retina quality images in courses is baffling. Designing in Storyline (and Captivate for that matter) is extremely inefficient and frustrating. I can't get anything to look good on devices with modern, high pixel density screens. That's many of the smartphones out there today and more and more desktop monitors.