Storyline 360 on High Resolution Displays (including 4K)

Storyline 360 still appears NOT to support proper display scaling. It looks blurry on my new Surface Laptop (4:3) 2256 x 1504 when display scaling is on (either at 125 or 150%).  However other apps (Microsoft PowerPoint etc.) are fine.

Switching to native resolution makes it all much sharper but the UI is too tiny for comfortable working.

I'm about to buy a 4K monitor and am concerned that Storyline will be unusable on it (i.e. blurry). Any guidance on where Articulate are at with display scaling and high resolution displays generally? We are seeing more and more of these displays.

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Alex Hoffman

Can we at least get a reason this is not on the roadmap? For software at this price point, for a discipline that is so heavily visual, the inability to develop for high pixel densities, or to display retina quality images in courses is baffling. Designing in Storyline (and Captivate for that matter) is extremely inefficient and frustrating. I can't get anything to look good on devices with modern, high pixel density screens. That's many of the smartphones out there today and more and more desktop monitors. 

Lindsay Maisel

Hi again, echoing the same sentiment I requested a year ago. Designing for the future of course delivery on a 'scaled' monitor is rubbish. Can't believe this still hasn't been addressed. Even now with the email today mentioning the price increase.... it's outrageous I have to scale down my (now 3 yr old) 4k OLED screen just so I can work daily in this program....

Mark Hughes

Just opened Storyline 360 for the first time on a 1440p laptop screen. Very blurry interface, clearly nothing has been done to address the issue raised by multiple users for several years now. The user still has to go into Windows rescaling settings and deal with a tiny interface.

I have also just checked the roadmap as mentioned above and there is no mention of adding hi-resolution scaling to Storyline. This really adds to the feeling that the software interface is several years behind the times, made for 1080p displays and below only.

Charles Thompson

I put in a support ticket about the issue a few weeks ago. Articulate's reply:

"We prioritize adding new features by researching our customers’ needs and assessing evolving technology trends. Ultimately, we focus on features that will be most helpful to the largest number of folks. Unfortunately, that means we can’t address all the feature requests we get."

I believe a "large number of folks" have computers purchased within the past five years, meaning their displays are larger and/or higher resolution than the ones Articulate was designed for well over a decade ago. Also, this isn't a "feature request." When you open an app and see it properly, that's not a "feature," that's the ante to be in the game. Particularly, visual design software should look like it's supposed to on a monitor, and it should look its best on the best monitors. It's quite telling that out of scores of apps on my computer, Articulate Storyline 360 is the only one I have this problem with.

Math Notermans

Articulate should really take this kind of questions and concerns of customers seriously. The moment Microsoft stops supporting 32-bit applications... ok, that might take some time...but that moment will come... who would have imagined they abonded IE a few years ago... Storyline and all other 32-bit applications will have serious problems.

In my opinion first priority for Articulate should be make Storyline 64 bit and compatible with the future..ideally a cloudbased tool in which multiple teammembers can cooperate.

In that article from 2020 already is noted the slow phase out of 32 bits windows. Articulate really needs to evolve.

Dishant Langayan

With all the frustration I have had with Articulate issues, and this display resolution issue being a big one, I have decided to move away from Articulate by the end of the year, which will give us time to transfer content out of Storyline to another authoring tool.

There are many modern tools out there that have exact same & better capabilities (ispring suite being one of them) that support 4K displays and biggest of all, a better support & customer success team.

Thank you Articulate for stop innovating and not listening to your community and users.

Dishant Langayan

@Mark they have a software app that you can download, very similar to Storyline 360 in terms of the interface, which also installs the add-in for PowerPoint, but you can work off the app instead of PowerPoint, just like with Storyline: 

Easygenerator is another one but online tool only I believe, which might be great so you can develop courses on a Mac.

More on e-learning authoring tools: The Best eLearning Authoring Tools (Top List 2022) - eLearning Industry

Jeff Laguna

Sadly, I have decided to do the same as the above colleague (Math Notermans). It has been two years since I have posted about this issue on this forum, and given that Articulate has not prioritized something as basic as 4k screen support, I will not be renewing our multi-year contract. Instead, I will be switching back to Captivate. It's a shame, but I cannot justify spending money on a product that does not even have a plan to support something as basic as industry-standard displays. 

Charles Thompson

I'm with Jeff Laguna and Math Notermans. This will be my last year with Articulate. I've spoken up about several issues that have never been fixed (the Replace Text as You Type that never works with custom words, blurry previews, and this high-resolution issue are at the top of mind right now, but there are others).

Glenn Reagon

People mentioning abandoning Articulate is what might finally get them to take this request seriously because you know they don't want to lose that money.  I wonder how many potential customers they lost out on because they don't support 4k.   How many serious photographers, graphic artists, and content creators don't have a 4k monitor these days?  4k is industry standard now, it's a basic feature.  Think of Articulate as a car manufacturer who, in this day and age, still doesn't provide cruise control in their cars.  Cheers to all.